10 Essential Movies to Watch by Marc Eliot -10. Sons of the Desert by William Seiter (1933)

This is a Laurel and Hardy comedy that is, I believe, the truest commentary on the state of marriage ever filmed.

10. Sons of the Desert, directed by William Seiter (1933).

Stuffed with the duo’s tried-and-true gags, most devised by Stan Laurel, who was Charlie Chaplin’s understudy before he, Laurel, was put together with Oliver Hardy by director Leo McCarey in 1927. The Sons of the Desert is the best feature the duo made, a how-to manual of comedy and a wisdom-filled book of truth.

No film to date has been more forthcoming on the subject of marriage and the dire consequences of deception, lying, carousing, infidelity, and confession, all squeezed into 64 minutes of somehow pure hilarity.

If you want, or need, or love to laugh, this is just what the doctor ordered. Or somebody. Available everywhere, but be wary of shortened or poor print versions.


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