10 Essential Movies to Watch by Marc Eliot 3. Fire Will Come (Viendra Le Feu) 2019 by Oliver Laxe

Marc Eliot | 2 de septiembre del 2020
Cine, Películas, Profesor Visitante

3. Fire Will Come (Viendra Le Feu), directed by Oliver Laxe.

Spain, France, Luxembourg. Subtitles. (2019).

When an arsonist (Amador Arias) returns home in the countryside after being released from penitentiary, the nearby villagers grow angry and afraid.

They blame him for setting the massive fire that destroyed their homes and livelihoods (the reason he was sent to prison). Shot in Northern Spain, this soft-spoken film, with its sparse dialogue and gorgeous scenery, builds to a truly astonishing climax that will make you wonder how they were ever able to capture it on film.

Smoldering (in every sense of the word), powerful, moving, softly graceful and utterly graceless, this story of delayed-fuse vengeance will, well, set you on fire.

One of the sleepers of the 2019 New York Film Festival. May be available from Spanish Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts (ICAA), a good place to start a search to find it. Worth the effort.

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